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TOPLoc Screws

  • TimberTech TOPLoc Fascia Fasteners

    TimberTech TOPLoc Fascia Screws reduce the problems encountered with traditional fastening methods. TOPLoc Fascia Screws and the TOPLoc Fascia bit (sold separately) are designed for seamless fascia installations every time, allowing fascia boards to...

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  • TimberTech TOPLoc Face Deck Screw (100 SF)

    TimberTech TOPLoc Face Deck Screws

    TimberTech TOPLoc Deck Screws are easy to install and appear discreetly on the surface of your deck boards. These TOPLoc deck screws are ideal for dense boards or in situations where hidden fasteners are not preferred. Includes: 350 deck screws,...

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  • TimberTech TOPLoc Fascia Bit

    For an easier and reliable installation, the TimberTech TOPLoc Fascia Bit is made to simultaneously overdrive and countersink the fascia fastener hole. These fasteners are compatible with all TimberTech PRO and TimberTech EDGE boards. Used with TOPLoc...

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  • AZEK TOPLoc Stainless Steel Fascia Fasteners

    AZEK TOPLoc Stainless Steel Fascia Fasteners are durable and color-matched to minimize the visibility of fasteners. The reliable stainless steel fasteners are perfect to secure any decking project. These TOPLoc fascia fasteners are ACQ approved and...

    $27.29 - $29.69
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