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Deck Screws, Fasteners, and Fastening Tools

  • OZCO Building Products Post Base Kit OZCO Building Porducts Post Base Kit Installed

    OZCO Laredo Sunset Post Base Kit

    OZCO Laredo Sunset Post Base Kits give a deck the ultimate style and strength. This post base kit is easy to install with no pre-drilling required and hardware included. Kits include: 1 Post Base, 4 Decorative Plates, 8 Hex Cap Nuts, 8...

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  • Tiger Claw Gun

    Tiger Claw Gun

    The Tiger Claw Pneumatic Installation gun is an efficient solution to installing hidden fasteners into your grooved decking. The tool features a unique nose piece that holds clips in the correct position every time for greater consistency. As this is...

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  • FastenMaster Trio Deck Screws FastenMaster Trio Deck Screws

    FastenMaster TRIO Deck Screw 3"

    The TRIO Ultimate Deck Screw has been specifically designed to outperform standard deck screws in softwood decking such as pressure treated, cedar, and redwood in these key areas: strip-out resistance, anti-splitting resistance, and corrosion resistance...

    $11.39 - $86.99
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  • FastenMaster LedgerLOK Screws FastenMaster LedgerLOK Screw

    FastenMaster LedgerLOK Screws

    The FastenMaster LedgerLOK Screw is the first wood screw that is designed to fasten a deck ledger board to the rim joist of a house with no pre-drilling required. LedgerLOK is a code approved deck ledger board fastener that replaces lag screws and...

    $35.19 - $126.29
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  • OZCO Laredo Sunset Flush Inside 90 Degree (2 ea)

    OZCO Laredo Sunset Flush Inside 90 Degree (2 ea)

    OZCO Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT) Truss Ties are so versatile, they can be used on almost any project. No matter the angle, OWT has it covered with powder coated, hot dipped galvanized steel truss ties that will last for years to come. OWT saves you time...

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  • LumberTite

    LumberTite (50 pack)

    LumberTite™ is a general purpose, heavy duty wood fastener designed for wood to wood construction without pre-drilling. Ideal for a variety of projects both indoors and outdoors. The proprietary coating prevents corrosion and is compliant with ACQ...

    $42.50 - $99.50
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  • Cortex Hidden Fasteners Cortex Hidden Fasteners Installation

    Cortex Hidden Fasteners Azek Colors

    Cortex Hidden Fasteners come in a variety of color options to fit your decking needs including AZEK colors. These fasteners are made specifically for AZEK planks to make for a seamless and optimal hidden fastening system on stairs and outer deck boards...

    $100.79 - $103.99
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  • OZCO Laredo Sunset Truss Accent Plate Kit

    OZCO Laredo Sunset Truss Accent Plate Kit

    OZCO Laredo Sunset Truss Accent Plate Kit will give your deck style using the best support of Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT). This kit will help you customize the projects at your home. The wood ties are designed for use with pressure-treated lumber and...

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  • FastenMaster TimberLok Screws FastenMaster TimberLok Screw

    FastenMaster TimberLOK Screws

    FastenMaster TimberLOK Screws are heavy-duty fasteners to be used on wood surfaces. TimberLOK replaces the traditional 3/8" lag screw with this wood screw to allow you to complete more durable wood-to-wood projects at a faster rate. TimberLOK fasteners...

    $13.69 - $109.69
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  • MP36 Simpson Strong-Tie Mending Plate 3" x 6"

    Simpson Strong-Tie MP36 Mending Plate

    Simpson Strong-Tie MP36 Mending Plates are your solution to making wood to wood connections. To install, you simply begin by laying a plate over two pieces of aligned wood with arrows aligned at joint. Set a wood block over the mending plate and hammer...

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